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Leather and Fabric

a wide range of leather and fabrics to choose from


Safe methods of care


Relax & ”cuppa”/”the cup” features distinguish our products from others. Our models embody the latest trends on the market, modern and sleek design gives it a unique look. Additional functions enhance its attributes even further.

The “cuppa” function called also 4-in-1 features lighten up cup holder, drink cooling tray, retractable footstool and back massage function. Massage and footstool makes ourcorner sofas highly desirable and irresistible.

Reclined footrest gives support and comfort to your legs. The adjustable footrest function is available in such models as Diamond, Ekstatsis, Gray, Balisto Giotto and Luna.

Movable headrest / backrest / armrests

Adjustable elements ensure an ideal sitting or lying position on your sofa. Headrests offer a comfortable support to your head while resting or watching TV. All headrests in our offer are adjustable,this includesourcorner sofas. Each headrest has multiple levels of regulation.

Adjustable backrests change depth and height of the seat. Such systems can be found in Priori and Tender models. Milano and Elite models are equipped with foldable armrest system that support the arms and when folded, extends surface of the seat.

Armchairs models: Balisto, Giotto and Luna have rocking and turn-around functions. The rocking option can be combined with retractable footrest in our offer. Armchair ability to rotate around its own axis reduces the risk of damaging surface of the floor.The armchair rotates around its own axis.

Sofa shelves and legs

Thanks to the shelves under the armrest tray on , your remote control or book will be always at hand. You can choose any the wood for the shelves and sofa legs for all sofas.

Sleeping function

is a very important element of any sofa. In our corner sofa it is well combined with the bedding container. The top of the container is raised on gas springs and the bottom part is made of durable and weight resistant chipboard which can handle very heavy load. Another advantage is a generous size of the container in which you can store not only bed sheets but also many other things. IMPORTANT! When folding outsofa beds, it is important to always do this while standing in front of the furniture, in the middle of its width.

Belgian bed smooth sleeping area and a one-piece mattress. Folding mechanism is similar to the camp bed. This model has a steel structure with springing bed slats and is finished with a foam mattress.


Delfin after pulling out a drawer and lifting the sleeping elements, we get a smooth surface reaching the height of the seats. Pull-out mattress has a thick foam finishing.


LUX offers extra-large sleeping surface. The seats are fixed in this model.


Characteristics of natural leather

Leather is a natural, noble and beautiful material, exceptionally durable and flexible at the same time. Natural leather lies nicely on the furniture andhighlightsfeaturesof any sofa.
Each piece of leather is unique, thereforemay differ in color and texture. Leather is an exceptional materialthanks to its qualities. Anyone who decides to use leather, should be prepare to accept its unique characteristics that emphasize their natural origin: insect biting, scarring, thinning, scarring, differences in shade and structure, peculiar smell and differences in shine. These features are typical of natural leather and cannot be eliminated.

Decorative stitching

Beautiful designs give elegant appearance, and the contrast color of the thread makes it even more unique. Decorative stitching gives our furniture modern feel, desirable style of many sitting rooms. Unique moccasin stitching makes our sofasoutstanding. There is a large range ofcolors to choose from.


Our offer consists of high quality and easy to maintain fabrics coated with a protective layer. Ourtextiles have high tensile strength, are light-resistant and soft to the touch. We offer you a wide range of colors to match your interiors.

Modern solutions

USB connection andrecliner solution. Flat battery on your phone or tablet is no longer a problem.


Cleaning and care, cleaning products

­Regular cleaning and maintaining (2-4 times a year) offurniture leather preventsbuild-up of dirt and stains and significantly prolongs its lifespan. The first preservative treatment is recommended immediately after the purchase of the furniture.
All products for cleaning and maintenance of the leather should befirst tried ona hidden area (according to instructions). In case of stains, which have already penetrated the surface, it is best to seek expert advice.

CLEANING PRODUCT Purpose: Penetrates intothe leather andremoves majority of stains and dirt. How to use: Fresh stains should be removed immediately with highly absorbent cloth. Dampen the spongewith the cleaning product and squeeze until you creating afoam (do not apply the cleaner on the leather directly). Clean gently with circular movements. Rubbing toohard or too for long maycause discoloration. Remove the residue with a soft cloth. If necessary, repeat the procedure. Leave to dry.

Leather Care Products Purpose: Impregnates theleather, whichprevents abrasion, drying or cracking of the leather product. Reduces risk of discoloration caused by clothing, light etc. How to use: The product should be applied at least 2 hours afterthe application ofa cleaning product. Apply the preservative product to a soft cloth and spread on the surface ina circular motion. After preservation treatment, to secure the protective layer, do not use the furniture for at least 10 h.

IMPORTANT! Do not remove stains with any solvents (stain remover, turpentine, gasoline, etc.). The spots may increase and consolidate.
For leather care do not use following products: shoe polish, creams, floor wax, etc. They can cause stains and intense shining.

SPECIAL PROTECTIVE CARE KIT FOR UPHOLSTEREDFURNITURE Cleaner (SOFT CLEAN) – absorbs intothe surfaceand removesmajority of stains and dirt. The preservative product (LV PROTECTOR) –protects the leatheragainst abrasion, drying and cracking by impregnating it. Reduces the risk of staining caused by clothing etc. Not suitable for aniline leather, nubuck, velour.